CO2 PISTOOL CZ P-09 DUTY – 4,5 mm


CZ P09 DUTY CO2 in 4.5 mm/.177 caliber is a very successful replica of the world-famous Czech pistol CZ P-09. The barrel is grooved, which ensures more accurate shooting. The double magazine has a capacity of 16 pellets (2 x 8 pcs). The pellets are fired thanks to a 12 g CO2 cartridge, which is inserted into the stock. Of course, the weapon is also equipped with a safety lock and the Blow-Back function, which ensures that the slide moves with each shot. The muzzle velocity when using pellets with an average weight of about 0.50 g is up to 120 m/s, in the case of using lighter pellets the speed can increase up to 150 m/s. The energy of the projectile is up to 7.50 J. On the lower mounting rail with a width of 22 mm it is possible to install e.g. a flasghlight or laser sight. The trigger system is DA (Double Action) and the firing mode is semi-auto. The overall length is 190 mm and the the weight is 730 g. We recommend using flat-ended pellets.

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